Develop, transform, align

What do we believe in?

Global Coaching Executive Group is a collection of experienced coaches with different backgrounds and qualifications and experience. This creates the power of diversity that we find is so powerful to tap into - for our clients but also for each of us. We also have an extended network reaching over 40 experienced executive coaches that we trust and value.

We believe that sustainable transformation lies both in the individual and in the organisation. Key for leadership in the 21st century is self-leadership. Self-leadership is nurtured by your behaviour patterns, value system and beliefs, but concurrently takes the wider environment beyond your role into account.
We believe in constantly supporting the quality of our work by both continuing education and by being connected to a variety of international coaching communities, research projects, or international conferences.
We are committed as executive coaches to use our individual and combined areas of expertise and specialist qualifications to bring about the desired results. Our goal is to provide coaching in one-to-one personal contexts that is driven by the coachee and this therefore requires the coachee to also be committed. We will not start a coaching engagement without both parties being fully aligned and committed to the process.
We believe in being neutral, frank and curious, and challenging you to being truly honest about who you are and what you want. Honesty is at the heart of our coaching process and we expect openness, clarity and honesty in all our relationships.
We believe in working in relationships and building relationships. Our experience and expertise should complement a working relationship with a client and complement working with the sponsor and within our team. We believe in building strong relationships that provide the foundation for building success.
Sense of Self
In business, leaders need to have a healthy sense of self in order to be balanced and to be a truly great leader. This is an area which many underestimate and this may be hidden behind the facade. Your sense of self will drive all your actions and reactions. We believe that this must be approached.
Deeper Purpose
We understand that it is important for anyone in a leadership position to have a sense of their purpose in life and lead from that place. We are united in our own personal sense of purpose and that is to accompany others to achieve success in authentic and genuine ways.
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